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We offer clients a full range of design services with a strong focus on user research and service design

How we work

Our service is completely tailored to our client’s needs. This extends from the initial approach on commencing a project, the specific methods and tools that are utilised, and the desired outcomes.

We have an excellent track record applying these principles in the public sector.



With over 15 years experience we have wide ranging expertise in producing high quality user experiences in a variety of fields and sectors.

We have worked extensively with public sector clients applying Government Digital Service principles across multiple project phases.

We have worked with high-profile B2C clients including the BBC, Sky, Sainsbury’s Bank, Yodel, and Channel 4. We have expertise in B2B projects and have worked closely with digital procurement firm Efficio Consulting on a suite of proprietary tools.

Please get in touch if you’d like to see our portfolio.

About us

JD Works Consulting was formed in response to the growing demand for placing the user at the centre of product design strategy.

Consumers are now more demanding than ever on the digital services they rely on, and with levels of expectation higher than ever there is little tolerance for a less than perfect user experience.

Alongside these demands there has been an explosion in the amount of data present in our lives. Developments such as wearable technology, 5G and the IoT have shown there is no let-up in our thirst for knowledge, and we now have vast quantities of information at our disposal.

JD Works Consulting helps clients hone customer journeys to provide customers with smooth and satisfying interactions, make sense of complex data, and design products that are orientated around real user needs.

Nestled among the oaks we are based in the beautiful village of Rowlands Castle.

We engage with clients across the UK.